Paul Liberatore: 'Battle of the Bands' showcases local musicians. It's a Wednesday night, normally a slow one on the Marin club scene, but Sweetwater Station is buzzing with lights, cameras, action and a whole lot of local musicians raring to plug in and play. It looks like the set of a music video, and that's pretty much what it is, except this is a video shoot on a rather large scale, a marathon that will go late into the evening. Nine local bands are in line to have a Comcast video crew record them performing live on the Larkspur club's stage for a Bay Area cable TV show called "Battle of the Bands."..........."You can't get anywhere unless you get your music out there for the right reasons," says Judge Murphy, a singer with his wife, Lauren, in the Marin country rock band Landsdale Station. "A lot of musicians think you go for the major record deal and then you're a rock star with other people schlepping for you. But it doesn't work that way. The music industry has changed. You don't go for the big record deal anymore. You do things like this. We get to be on TV and play our tunes. It helps perpetuate what we do." READ FULL ARTICLE AT: AND READ PAUL'S REVIEW OF LANSDALE STATION'S CD :

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