* Artist's Comentary on Magnolia Heart

Working at Legendary Plant Studios was a wonderful experience. The notes that live in it's walls, tunnels, hallways, & amazing equipment, come alive, commanding reverence. It is not a case of 'if these walls could talk", for they sing with history; It's spirits join in duet, adding their intonations to these songs, in an ever evolving process. With each listen of the CD, nuances not noticed before continue to morph , taking on a life of their own. It was an honor to be where so many musical pioneers made their records years ago, when vinyl still crackled on record players: Sacred Musical ground, this is Church. Thank you to all who contributed their love & skill, for this is a "Heart" to be proud of * http://www.plantstudios.com Mastered by John Cuniberti of Plant Studios, see his vast discography at http://www.reamp.com/jc/discography.shtml

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