Doctor has given Judge the Go ahead to sing this weekend 9/11!! Likely last show for a while- please come

Celebrate the good news that surgery for Judge's cancer WILL NOT keep him from PERFORMING THIS WEEKEND!!!! This will likely be the last full band show for a few months, so everyone COME ON OUT!!! ** and please, if any one has good video/camera equipment, we'd love this show to be taped for posterity.** Thanks in advance! Lansdale Station, Jerry Miller, Luv Planet, Le Marque Jean Blues Band from France and so much more with special guests Barry Melton (Country Joe & the Fish), Carlos Reyes, Mindy Canter, Tatseena and her Serpent Sirens- WOW! 21005 Peary Ave, Sonoma, Ca. See Show link for details and directions 3:30-5:00pm he will play

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