In Memorium of Friend Martin Fierro - Official website

from Update 3.15.08: Dear Friends, The Fierro family wishes to thank everyone who has made great effort to come to his aid during this difficult time . Your outreach and offers of support are incredibly empowering and wonderful. We understand that so many of you feel a special bond with Martin -- through his soulful music, his humor, his spirit, and boundary-free passion to make a positive connection with everyone he encounters. Over his past 50+ years of performing, the Meester has touched so many so deeply with his unconditional desire to deliver the magic of live music and make people happy. We are deeply appreciative of the many friends who have "been there" for Martin, in so many amazing ways. Martin loves and appreciates you more than you know. He truly treasured all of the special, bizarre and unexpected moments he has shared with us all. Onstage and off. All official announcements will be posted here regarding any public memorials and musical celebrations of his life. Please feel free to visit the blog to post your messages and share your memories of Martin with the community that orbits in Zero gravity around our Meester. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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