In Partnership with CBS, Tuesday 1-11-11, Artie Kornfeld, The Father of Woodstock Inverview Lauren & Judge Murphy, debuting their new album

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 Artist First Radio Artist First, in partnership with CBS - 7:00pm PST, 8:00pm MTime, 9:00pm CST, 10pm EST, 5pm Isl. Time Lauren and Judge Murphy will debut their latest album on CBS partnered affiliate, Artist First Radio, streaming on line with the Creator of WOODSTOCK, Artie Kornfeld. We WILL talk POLITICS AND MUSIC AND THE STATE OF THE NATION AND HUMANITY! Hold on to your Hats THIS SHOW STREAMS LIVE ON THE INTERNET & YOU CAN LISTEN VIA YOUR CELL PHONE. SEE LINK: About Artie Kornfeld: On Nov. 22nd, 2010, Artie Kornfeld received a lifetime achievement award from The Hollywood Music in Media Awards presented the Lifetime Achievement Award , for his songwriter/producer/executive and both the co-creator and sole promoter of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. The Iconic Producer, Writer, Composer, was, in partnership with Michael Lang, the creator of the Festival that changed the face of Rock and Roll on August 15th, 1969. An Estimated 500,000 people from all over America descended on the 600-acre dairy farm of Max Yasgur (Yasgur's Farm). Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld was born in Brooklyn, NY. "Follow Me, I'm the Pied Piper" was a cover song by Crispian St. Peters (in 1965) had more meaning than most realize to Artie. Back in the early days of rock & roll he wrote those words & music (with Steve Duboff) which at the time was a #1 record. It was said to be one of John Lennon's favorite songs. At age 16, Artie was signed to GAC Records and would later weave his magic and friendships with the likes of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, John Sebastion, The Beach Boys, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Dion, and more. In 1967 Artie Kornfeld was Hired by Capitol Records as Vice President and Director of Rock Music. Solely responsible for the historic record & Warner Brothers movie contracts Hired Michael Wadleigh to film the 1970 Academy Award winning movie. Known world wide as “The Father of Woodstock” the name given to him by the Woodstock Preservation Alliance. Composer, Publisher, Producer, Manager, & Promoter First Vice President of Rock Music at Capitol Records (or any label) Summary of 40 + years experience: Composer, publisher, producer, manager and promoter of over 100 Platinum projects Four BMI Million Performance Awards Eight BMI Awards as a Writer & Publisher As A&R VP (3 major labels) and as an Independent Producer played a major role in the “top of the charts” success of some of the top rock artists of all time. Manager and Creative Director of the band “Survivor” Took unknown band to the top selling single of all time “Eye of the Tiger” Co-Producer & Manager with Don Rubin of the band “Felony” who’s #1 alternative record & Top 30 hit single and # 1 dance record in the U.S. “The Fanatic” & thru Artie’s guidance to the late Rick Carroll (KROQ) which led to the explosion of alternative music & radio. Consultant to, & protégée of his industry mentor, icon Charles Koppelman EMI (7 yrs) Marketing Director for The Entertainment Co & Screen Gems Music As independent promotion director, became a “must have” for artists because of successes for Neil Young, Tracy Chapman, Survivor, etc. Public Recognition- TV Interviews- CNN ,VH1, LATE NIGHT SHOW, ET, As performer with Sonny & Cher “I Got You Babe Tour” as “Changing Times” Radio & Press over 300 interviews Author of the new book of his memoirs can be purchased here ...and still producing new rock bands! More about Artie Here: Tune in, and Turn on - "We're all playing in the same band" RT Kornfeld

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