Lauren Murphy's Kickstarter to Fund Raise for the new Album

Grammy Nominated Producer Mooka Rennick & Lauren Murphy team up for her first solo CD in nearly a decade.

"El Dorado" will be dedicated in tribute to my late husband, vocalist & songwriting partner, Judge Murphy, who I recently lost to a 4 year battle with Cancer and Organ Transplant Failure. 


I'm a veteran performer/songwriter based out of The Sierra Nevada in California, and this will be my first solo album in nearly a decade. For the last 15 years I sang along side my husband Judge in the bands ZERO & Lansdale Station. From 2005-2013, my focus was writing for our five-piece rock band, and now I need a current product in hand to represent where I am and where I'm going. I have many great opportunities ahead, but after eight years as a band leader I need something that represents where I stand now.

I'm recording with Grammy nominated Producer, Mooka Rennick, at Prairie Sun Studios, in Cotati, CA. The record will feature many notable players I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with over the last 15 years of my career, as well as some new hot rod mountain pickers I've recently discovered. Mooka knows how to capture the "magic" that makes the difference between good art and truly great art.

Mooka & I (and You!) are producing a solid Americana experience that fuses "natural performance" and "high fidelity". The songs take the listener on a journey through the mountains of the heart, with a cast of resilient characters. It's not just about suffering. It's about strength and redemption. In the end, it's all about hope and appreciation for this brief but beautiful life.

The total cost for this record is estimated at $13,000, but I'm asking my friends and fans to meet me half way at $6500, and be a part of making "El Dorado" a reality.

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